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About teeth

Emergency Care

We have listed general instructions on how to handle your child’s dental emergency. We strongly advise that you contact our office so that your child can receive a thorough evaluation. If you feel that your child may be experiencing a potentially life-threatening emergency, however, please call 911 immediately.

Tooth is chipped or fractured:

• Try to locate the broken piece/fragment and contact our office immediately for evaluation and treatment.


• Over-the-counter children’s pain medication (dosage according to your child’s weight and age) may help relieve the pain.
• Contact our office immediately for evaluation and treatment.

Baby tooth knocked out:

• Do NOT insert tooth back into socket.
• Contact our office immediately for evaluation and treatment.

Permanent tooth knocked out:

• This is time-sensitive!
• Hold the tooth by its crown (never the root) and rinse it gently in cool water.
• Try to reinsert it in the socket immediately and hold it there with clean gauze or a washcloth. If you cannot put the tooth back in the socket, place it in a clean container with cold milk.
• Contact our office immediately for evaluation and treatment. The faster we can get the tooth back into the socket, the higher our chances are of saving the tooth!

Baby tooth or Permanent tooth pushed out of place:

• Try to re-position the tooth back to its normal position with finger pressure.
• Hold the tooth in place with a tissue or gauze if it is very loose.
• Call our office to make an appointment for evaluation.

Blow to the head, face or jaw:

• Call 911 immediately. Your child needs immediate medical attention.
• A severe head injury can be life threatening.

Prevention of dental injuries:

• Make sure your child wears protective gear such as a mouth guard for all sports.
• Always use a car seat for young children.
• Childproof your home to prevent falls and electrical injuries.